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Learn about our passionate team, and how you can help!


Learn about our passionate team, and how you can help!

About Us


Our Name

What “Convicted” means to Convicted By Christ.

Convicts - We want to reach out to men coming out of prison to help them re-integrate back into society. Matthew 25:36

Others - We want to reach out to men caught in other kinds of “prisons”, addictions, emotionally and unstable situations, etc.  Isaiah 42:16

Needs - We trust God to use us to reach out to help men meet their needs- physical, emotional and spiritual. Philippians 4:19

Victory - We believe there can be victory (freedom) for every man against whatever “imprisons” them.  Deuteronomy 20:4

Identity - We want men be set free from their “old life” and for them to learn how God sees them as a “new creation”. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Christ - We believe Jesus Christ is the foundation and that by Christ’s blood we can be set free and made clean. Ephesians 2:13

Truth - We believe that when one confesses whatever holds them imprisoned, the truth of Jesus Christ is what sets them free. John 8:32

Example - We believe that God can use those who have become a “new creation” in Christ to be an example to others still “caught in a prison”. Proverbs 27:17

Destiny - We want to help men learn and discover their purpose God intended for them. Psalms 31: 14-15


Our History


In September 2011 Brian Myers and Byron Boyd founded Convicted By Christ, a ministry providing support and accountability to men coming out of prison.  Byron had been incarcerated sixteen years in New Mexico and Colorado prisons. Brian came to New Mexico in 2007 as a missionary to the four-corners region.  The two men were introduced by Carolyn Evens of Isaiah Prison Ministries. Through her discipleship and instruction Byron came to know the Lord. She also cultivated Brian’s growing interest in prison ministry. It was Carolyn who eventually started these men on a letter-writing correspondence.

After Byron was released from prison in July 2011, he and Brian began to meet on a weekly basis. They soon came to recognize a strong desire shared between them to help men integrate back into society following the institutionalized lifestyle of prison. Their passion was about to give birth to a new men’s ministry. Even though Brian took on the role of mentor and leader, the Lord chose Byron to name the group. And so, Convicted By Christ was born.

In the summer of 2012 Byron began working on the oil rigs. Unfortunately, his schedule often conflicted with the Thursday night meetings. Eventually, Byron stopped attending Convicted by Christ all together. Brian tried to keep in touch with him over the phone, but many of his calls went unanswered. 

In one of their last conversations Byron said, “I am still in prison.  I’m just on the outside now.  I don’t know how to live out here.”  He continued, “Brian, you know you don’t have to be in prison to be imprisoned! There needs to be a group for men to show them how to live outside prison walls.  Don’t stop what you’re doing.  You’re good at it.  You’re not intimidating, and men will listen to you.  I just can’t be a part of the group right now.  I will continue to pray for you!”

Several weeks later, Byron quit his job, cut off his ankle bracelet and vanished off the grid.  In December 2012 the police found him barricaded inside a building.  After a long stand-off, Byron Boyd took his own life.  

At this point Brian was ready to give up and leave prison ministry completely. The recent words of his late friend, however, lingered on. He knew Convicted By Christ was part of God’s plan for his life and for countless men dealing with their own prisons. The death of Byron Boyd only emphasized the need for a safe haven, a judgment-free zone where men can trust one another and share the abundant healing grace of God. Brian Myers embraced the challenge and moved forward reaching men with the love of Christ.

At every Thursday night meeting a plaque dedicated to Byron Boyd stands before us as a testament to the purpose and founding of Convicted By Christ.  


Our Organization and Services

Convicted By Christ, a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization, is a Christian-based organization that helps men coming out of prison learn how to successfully reintegrate back into society.  Convicted By Christ has been teaching former inmates how to live outside prison walls since 2011.

The main mission focus of CBC is accountability and group support for men, including those who struggle with addictions and a variety of issues such as substance abuse and mental instabilities.    At times CBC offers minimal financial assistance to men to assist them in finding work, housing, or receive professional counseling if needed.

In 2011, the group was attended by five to seven men weekly and now has grown to almost forty.  The men participate in large weekly gathering, group Bible studies, individual mentoring, events and activities – many opportunities to connect.  Convicted by Christ believes men have a better chance of survival if they stick together.




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9AM - 12PM

World Harvest Church Parking Lot. Corner of Ute and Butler Farmington NM

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Your volunteer or financial support to CBC will save many lives, improve families and strengthen the health & safety of our community.

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