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Scott Nordman



“CBC is a Christ-centered organization ministering to the needs of men wanting to live a life in relationship to Jesus Christ.  I’m excited to be part of what God is doing and what He will do through this vision and organization.  We teach, exhort, mentor, encourage and pray for men to live their lives as restored sons of God.  We help bring men into their destiny of who they were created to be in the first place.  The fact that we are the restored sons and daughters of God is a pretty good reason to get up every morning!”

Carolyn Evans


 “I have worked with men in jails and prisons for many years.  I have seen many fail because they don’t have a support system when they are released.  With CBC, men are accomplishing some of the goals in their lives, they have a purpose.  If we want to stop crime in our cities, it starts with us working with those who are doing the crimes to help them understand there is a better way for their lives.”  

Jay Wendeborn


 I have been blessed to serve on the CBC board, working with Godly men and women for a common cause – to strengthen men in their relationship with the Lord.  The Word of God states that we should make disciples of all men.  CBC is an effective place to be a disciple and disciple other men.  

Pat Gross


 The communities of this area are my home - I care deeply for the quality of life for my neighbors.  The health of our community is shown in how we take care of others and I know it’s my responsibility to be part of good solutions.  It’s an honor to serve on the CBC board, dedicated to providing services to men giving them Christ-centered opportunities to live and be part of a healthy community, family and life 

Larry Moore


 “I have a passion to see the lives of men changed by the supernatural power of Jesus Christ. I believe completely in the vision of Convicted By Christ for men of our community.”  

Brian Myers


 I serve as the Executive Director of Convicted By Christ because I want to a part of the work that only God can do to change and set the hearts of men free.  It is important for our communities to have Convicted By Christ, a faith-based organization for men being released from jail to help them re-integrate back into society so they can become  husbands, fathers, and men of integrity.  This also decreases the number of those returning to jail.  I’m honored to have a hand in the work of God 

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Robert Davis


Robert took the opportunity to join the Convicted by Christ because of the desire to see God transform the lives of men as God in His Goodness transformed his life, II Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Trinity Begay


Trinity felt led to be a part of Convicted by Christ shortly after returning from the US Army. As a veteran of the US Army who struggled with addiction and who now has turned his life around to help men in their struggle with addiction.